2019 – Year of Mathematics

In recognition of the contribution of Polish mathematicians to the world science, the Senate of Poland has adopted a resolution stating the year 2019 will be celebrated as the Year of Mathematics.  

The resolution contains the following words related to the history of the opening of our university:  

On 2nd April 1919, in the building of Nowodworski Collegium of the Jagiellonian University, 16 people, including Stefan Banach, Leon Chwistek, Antoni Hoborski, Franciszek Leja, Otto Nikodym, Alfred Rosenblatt, Jan Śleszyński, Antoni Wilk, Stanisław Zaremba and Kazimierz Żorawski, established the Mathematical Society in Krakow, which later converted into the Polish Mathematical Society. Another important event took place on 8th April 1919, when during a session of the government headed by Ignacy Jan Paderewski, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland passed a resolution to establish and open the Mining Academy in Krakow (currently AGH UST). The first rector of the Mining Academy was professor Antoni Hoborski, a co-founder of the Society. 

Professor Antoni Hoborski, mentioned in the resolution, was an outstanding mathematician. He was Rector of the Mining Academy in the years 1920-1922. For several years, AGH UST has celebrated the Festival of Exact Sciences, held under the name of Professor Antoni Hoborski Days. 

“Declaring 2019 the Year of Mathematics is great news for all scientists connected with this discipline. With particular joy and satisfaction we have received the news at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, as the senators brought back the memories of professor Antoni Hoborski, who is so important to us and the entire university. The resolution of the Senate of Poland reminds everyone about the contribution of Polish mathematicians to the national and worldwide development of this discipline and science. This year, together with the Polish Mathematical Society and the Jagiellonian University, we are organising the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Mathematical Society. The resolution of the Senate perfectly fits into the celebrations, emphasizing and increasing the importance of the jubilee,” said professor Vsevolod Vladimirov, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics.