• Professor Ryszard Hejmanowski


  • Elżbieta Jasińska, DSc 
  • Associate Professor Łukasz Ortyl
  • Associate Professor Tomasz Bergier


  • Department of Engineering Surveying and Civil Engineering
  • Department of Integrated Geodesy and Cartography
  • Department of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Engineering
  • Department of Environmental Management and Protection
  • Department of Mining Areas Protection, Geoinformatics, and Mining Surveying

Fields of study

Geodesy, Surveying, and Cartography

Environmental Monitoring and Engineering

Geospatial Computer Science

Climate changes – prevention and adaptation

The AGH UST Faculty of Mining Surveying was established on October 1, 1951; in 1990, it was given the name Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering; changed on May 10, 2022 to Faculty of Geo-Data Science, Geodesy, and Environmental Engineering to reflect current scientific pursuits.


Currently, the research activities of the faculty focus on the implementation of computer science in the context of spatial data processing and on the use of modern metering and measurement techniques. They also revolve around the implementation of GPS technology, terrestrial and aerial laser scanners, and the application of radar interferometry. Extensive studies have also been conducted on the use of remote sensing and photogrammetric methods for the purpose of monitoring the natural environment and historic buildings. Much attention is paid to soil surveying, reclamation of contaminated sites, and restoration of their biological functions.


The faculty has been collaborating with numerous international research facilities through staff and student exchanges, cooperation in research projects, participation in symposia and conferences, sitting on boards and councils of international scientific societies, as well as internships in foreign research centres, consultations, and sharing experience related to education.


The faculty has the authority to confer the doctor’s degree, as well as postdoctoral qualifications in the disciplines of geodesy, surveying and cartography, and environmental engineering.


Graduates of the Geodesy, Surveying, and Cartography field of study find employment in various branches of industry, administration, and geodetic companies. They are prepared to provide leadership in works connected to land and building registering and creating documentation for legal purposes; they are also prepared to work in jobs revolving around the property market, as well as companies providing comprehensive geodetic services for all types of construction projects, including those on a large scale and placing the highest demands. Graduates of the Environmental Engineering field of study find employment in sections of industrial plants devoted to the protection of the environment, environmental protection funds, as well as design and consulting companies. Our alumni are qualified to work in jobs connected to determining the quality level of all environmental components, such as air quality, water, sewage and waste, as well as data management.