• Associate Professor Mariusz Łaciak


    • Associate Professor Aneta Sapińska-Śliwa
    • Associate Professor Adam Szurlej
    • Associate Professor Barbara Uliasz-Misiak


    • Department of Drilling and Geoengineering
    • Department of Petroleum Engineering
    • Department of Natural Gas Engineering


    Fields of study

    Geoengineering and Borehole Mining

    Oil and Gas Engineering – dual programme (study-work)

    The Faculty of Drilling and Petroleum Engineering was established in 1967, and in 1995, renamed the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas.


    Its activity focuses on the education of personnel for the drilling and gas industries, as well as scientific research based on practical issues. The faculty, as the only faculty of this kind in Poland, offers full-time, part-time, doctoral, and postgraduate programmes of study.


    The Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas consists of three departments: Drilling and Geoengineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Natural Gas Engineering.


    Research activities of the Department of Drilling and Geoengineering focus on designing boreholes, optimising the parameters of drilling technology, devising compositions of drilling fluids and sealing slurries, designing devices and tools for on- and off-shore boreholes, as well as trenchless techniques.


    The Department of Petroleum Engineering investigates new geophysical methods, methods of on- and off-shore oil and gas production, mathematical modelling and computer simulations of the production of liquid raw materials, deep and surface geological cartography of hydrocarbon deposits, determining hydrodynamic conditions of hydrocarbon migration and accumulation, verification of hydrocarbon resources, geochemical monitoring of underground gas storage facilities, sewage and waste water reprocessing, environmental monitoring, exploitation, and production of groundwater, as well as activation and renovation of wells and water distribution systems.


    The scientific and research activities conducted at the Department of Natural Gas Engineering focus on natural gas production, underground gas storage, harnessing of natural gas from unconventional deposits, designing gas transfer systems, modelling hydrocarbon deposits exploitation and UGS operation, works related to carbon dioxide sequestration, and energy systems analyses in Poland.


    The Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas collaborates with scientific centres in Poland and abroad. Results of such collaborations are, for instance, European and Polish joint projects, as well as numerous publications, expert reports, and patents.