• Professor Marek Cała  


    • Associate Professor Marek Borowski
    • Associate Professor Radosław Pomykała
    • Associate Professor Zbigniew Niedbalski



    • Department of Industrial Economics and Management
    • Department of Civil & Geotechnical Engineering and Geomechanics
    • Department of Mining Engineering & Occupational Safety
    • Department of Environmental Engineering

    Fields of study

    Civil Engineering

    Mining Engineering

    Engineering and Management of Industrial Processes

    Environmental Engineering

    Revitalization of Industrial Areas

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    The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management (Faculty of Mining until 2002; Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering until May 25, 2021) is the oldest faculty of the university. It was the only faculty when the university was established by Józef Piłsudski in 1919. Until the 1950s, the history of the faculty was the history of the university itself.


    The mission of the faculty is to educate engineers and conduct research at the highest level, in line with the current and future needs of the economy and the challenges of a modern civilization.


    The faculty is a large and interdisciplinary unit. It educates students and conducts scientific research in four disciplines: mining and engineering geology, environmental engineering, civil engineering, and production engineering. The faculty collaborates with many Polish and international universities, particularly in areas of national and international education programmes and the exchange of academic staff, international research projects, as well as the transfer of technologies and patent activity.


    The versatility of the faculty is also manifested in its research activity, which is quite uncharacteristic, given its profile – for many years, our academic staff have been taking part in the revalorisation and protection of the underground infrastructure of historic towns such as Sandomierz and Kłodzko. In the 1990s, this activity became the foundation for a new field of study – Civil Engineering.


    One of the assets of the faculty is its strong connection with industry related to scientific research commissioned by various institutions and companies, as well as the organisation of practical trainings and internships for students in areas related to particular fields and programmes of study.


    The faculty boasts 10 student research clubs, which organise numerous interesting initiatives, including: the organisation of instructions, workshops, conferences, and research trips.


    Faculty students, depending on the chosen programme of study and specialisation, are prepared to work in mining companies, especially underground and open pit mines, the departments of industrial plants dealing with environmental protection, public administration, as well as the economic, design, and investment departments of various companies. They also obtain qualifications that entitle them to apply for builder licenses and mining certificates, as well as to hold management positions in mining and civil engineering companies. In addition to the offer of education at bachelor, master and doctoral programmes of study, the faculty also offers a wide range of postgraduate courses.