Second place of AGH UST Space Systems in largest space and robotics competition in Europe

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The team of AGH UST Space Systems with their rover Kalman took second place in the European space and robotics competition European Rover Challenge (ERC). 40 teams from all over the world entered the competition, but only 29 of them managed to reach the final, in which autonomous planetary vehicles were challenged in off-road competitions similar to the tasks that are performed by robots on the Moon or Mars. 

On a track that was identical with a part of the surface of Mars, rovers designed and constructed by ERC participants performed specially-prepared tasks, such as collecting objects located on the track, placing them in a container and transporting them to a specified area, collecting samples from the surface and underground, digging a crater, and taking a photo. Similar tasks are fulfilled by unmanned vehicles during real space missions, which was why the members of the teams did not see their rovers during the challenges and had to operate them remotely. 

The European Rover Challenge (ERC), organised within the grounds of the Kielce University of Technology on 13-15 September 2019, is the largest European event in the field of space and robotics. It is a European version of the well-known University Rover Challenge (URC), held in the United States. The co-organiser of ERC is the European Space Foundation. 

Kielce was visited by teams from all over the world, for example, Canada, Columbia, Germany, Italy, India, and Bangladesh. First place was taken by the home team IMPULS, and third by RoverOva from the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.