Projects of Polish-Chinese research teams with funding from National Science Centre

Within the framework of the project SHENG 1, carried out by the National Science Centre, scientists and researchers from the AGH University of Science and Technology will receive funding for fundamental research conducted by Polish-Chinese teams.  

A grant of PLN 919,040 has been awarded to professor Wiesław Staszewski of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics for the project “Classical and non-classical nonlinearity of transverse waves: from physics to the detection of faults in materials” (Polish: Klasyczne i nieklasyczne nieliniowości fal poprzecznych: od fizyki do detekcji uszkodzeń w materiałach). At the same time, professor Adam Bzdak of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science will receive PLN 669,600 for the project “The dynamics of hot QCD matter in heavy ion collisions: from small systems to big ones” (Polish: Dynamika gorącej materii QCD w zderzeniach ciężkich jonów: od małych do dużych systemów). 

SHENG is a competition offered jointly by the National Science Centre (NCN) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The formal and content-related assessment of applications in the competition was carried out simultaneously by NCN and NSFC. The subject of evaluation were joint Polish-Chinese applications for the financing of research projects, while experts assessed the scientific value of the projects, research team qualifications, the feasibility of the projects, and the estimate of costs. The financed projects will be carried out both in Poland and China, and each project will be overseen by two supervisors: one from China, and one from Poland. 

The SHENG 1 competition received 250 applications. Due to a very high scientific level, only those project that were most highly evaluated by both agencies found their place on the ranking list. Financial support will be granted to 30 projects, and the total budget for awarded grants equals PLN 36,377,384.