AGH UST students will represent Europe in the finals of oil and gas industry event

AGH UST students have won European qualifiers at two prestigious competitions from the oil and gas sector – the individual SPE Europe Regional Student Paper Contest and PetroBowl, which is organized as a team event. As winners, they will represent Europe in the world finals to be held in September and October 2019 in Calgary, Canada, during the most important oil and gas conference: Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE).

Students representing the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas and the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection beat teams from other European universities taking part in the team competition. In the individual event, Michał Figiel of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas took first place in Undergraduate division with his paper: ‘Randomness of geophysical log data – fractal approach’. The paper investigates the applicability of fractal analysis and chaos theory to the quantitative description of irregularities of geophysical logs to enable automated determination of stratigraphic layer boundaries. The paper’s academic supervisor is dr inż. Joanna Lewandowska-Śmierzchalska. Our other winner, Edyta Kuk – a PhD student from the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas - won in PhD division. She presented an innovative method of automatic determination of optimum control for an underground gas storage facility based on AI. The paper ‘Application of artificial intelligence methods to underground gas storage control’ was written under the scientific supervision of Prof. dr hab. inż. Jerzy Stopa.

The SPE Student Paper Contest is open to students of undergraduate, Master’s and PhD programmes. In order to select the best papers, 14 regional contests are held, for which only the best summaries are accepted. The winners of the regional editions are then invited to compete in the SPE International Student Paper Contest.

PetroBowl is a knowledge competition for student teams devoted to petroleum engineering, including technical aspects of drilling, deposit engineering and mining as well as the knowledge of the industry and its history. This year, European qualifiers attracted 18 teams representing leading technical universities in Europe.

The competitions, which were held during the international student congress ‘East Meets West’ hosted by AGH UST, are an annual event organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).