AGH UST scientists have received Prime Minister’s Awards 2019

Polish Prime Minister has recently presented awards for excellence in research, technical research and artistic activity as well as post-doctoral and doctoral dissertations delivered in 2018. This year’s winners include two scientists from AGH UST.

The Scientific Excellence Award was presented to Prof. dr hab. Danuta Kisielewska for her scientific achievements in experimental elementary particles and high-energy physics.

Professor Danuta Kisielewska is currently one of the most prominent and most widely known Polish physicists. She owes her well-established position in the scientific community to the research she has conducted for the last decades using a variety of experimental techniques, mainly at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) near Geneva as well as Hamburg-based DESY and Fermi Laboratory located near Chicago, US.

In the several hundreds of publications which she authored and co-authored, Professor Kisielewska presented the findings of her studies into interactions between elementary particles, from hadron-hadron collisions at 250 GeV, which she investigated using bubble chamber techniques to electron-proton interactions, for which she used electronic techniques as part of the ZEUS Collaboration Project at HERA Collider at the DESY Laboratory to proton-proton interactions researched during the ATLAS experiment at CERN, performed at 7 TeV. The most outstanding findings of this research include the very precise determination of the nucleon structure function and the discovery of interactions of secondary particles produced with large rapidity gap, contribution to the discovery of Higgs boson in the ATLAS experiment as well as the discovery of new patterns in heavy ion collisions.

The award granted for an outstanding doctoral dissertation was presented to dr inż. Agnieszka Pęska-Siwik for her work: “Determination of real estate boundaries: reliability of selected attributes of cadastral parcels”.

The Prime Minister Award was founded as an initiative of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is presented in recognition of a person’s scientific output, achievements in science, science and technology as well as arts and, also, for major achievements leading to an award of a post-doctoral degree as well as remarkable doctoral dissertations.