AGH UST Rector awarded honorary doctorate by the Dnipro University of Technology

photos by Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University

On 29 June 2019 during the official ceremony held in the main hall of the Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University Professor Tadeusz Słomka  AGH UST Rector – was awarded a honoris causa doctorate. 

AGH UST Rector has been awarded the title in recognition of his valuable contribution to promoting cooperation between the Dnipro University of Technology and the AGH UST University of Science and Technology.

Prof. Tadeusz Słomka in his address delivered on this occasion stressed the need for fostering international cooperation:

 We are living in the times of enormous challenges resulting from the unprecedented pace of global development. There is still some backlog to clear if we want to catch up with the best and there is no better way to achieve this ambition than through constantly increasing the level of education in society and conducting world-class research. The example set by the fast developing economies clearly demonstrates that rapid economic growth is preceded by an enormous increase in the number of university graduates. Continuous efforts resulting in delivering a higher standard of education, improvement in the quality of research work as well as developing and raising the standard of physical infrastructure and promoting cooperation with the industry and business partners should become number one priorities for technical universities in our countries. We are meeting at a time when Polish-Ukrainian relations are better than ever before and we are determined to strengthen this relationship even further. I am deeply convinced that our academic and scientific cooperation will continue to develop on friendly terms.

During the visit to Dnipro, Deans of the Faculty of Management – dr hab. inż. Piotr Łebkowski and the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering – Prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Cała together with the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management – dr inż. Dariusz Sala met representatives of the Institute of Economics and Management and the Institute of Mining to present their faculties and sign letters of intent regarding future cooperation.

The Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University was established in 1899 as the Higher Mining School. The University aimed to educate top specialists for the country’s mining industry. Recently, the range of courses offered by the University has extended well beyond mining-related subjects. Currently, the University runs nine departments (institutes). Historically one of the most highly specialised tertiary-level educational institutions in Ukraine, NTU DP is regarded today as one of Ukraine’s best universities, attracting a large number of foreign students. The University has over 12000 regular and doctoral students pursuing degrees in 27 majors and employs 600 university teachers, including 350 independent academics.