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Study conditions

Modern research and education facilities 

Educational activities take place in comfortable lecture rooms, modern classrooms, laboratories, and conference rooms. We have over 700 laboratories! 


Campus located in the centre of Krakow  

All faculty buildings, student organisations, the AGH UST Student Campus, as well as student clubs and sports facilities are located in the centre of Krakow, in a distance of about 1 kilometre from the Main Market Square. 


Largest student campus in Poland  

The AGH UST Student Campus offers nearly 8,000 beds in 20 student houses. In the student houses, students can use specially-designated places for learning, TV rooms, club rooms, and they can also enjoy free access to the Internet.  


Student organisations 

At AGH UST there are nearly 140 special interest groups and several dozen student organisations, in which students can broaden their knowledge, and develop their passion for sports, arts, and journalism, as well as accomplish various projects. 


Sports facilities 

Students can use the AGH UST Swimming Pool with a modern gym, a fitness club and a bowling alley, an all-year football pitch, a sports hall with artificial surface, fencing strips for disabled people, aerobic rooms, and tennis courts. A pride of the university is the AGH UST Academic Sports Association, a triple champion in the general classification of the Academic Championships of Poland. 


Free access to the Internet 

At the university there are many free access points to the wireless network. Our student houses are equipped with a local computer network, and they are further connected to the university by means of a modern gigabit computer network. 



At the AGH UST campus there are two student canteens. There are also eating outlets at faculty buildings. 


Adaptation programmes 

Programme “Adapter” encompasses, for example, free-of-charge psychological workshops, a Consultation Point, within the framework of which students can meet with a psychologist, as well as e-consultations. 


Medical care 

Within the area of the AGH UST campus there is a Medical Centre which serves the students and employees of Krakow universities. 


University friendly to disabled people 

The group of disabled students at AGH UST is quite significant (about 500 people). The methods and forms of education are adjusted to their individual needs which result from a particular type of disability. 



The area of the AGH UST campus is covered by CCTV cameras. Furthermore, the AGH University of Science and Technology has a long-standing collaboration with the Municipal Police Headquarters in Krakow, and the regulations concerning security at the university have been specified in a special agreement. 


Student support by University Board of Student Government 

All AGH UST students are represented by the University Board of Student Government, which organises many cultural, scientific and sporting events, as well as provides necessary support to all students.  


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