In the recent months we have often come across information concerning the situation of university graduates on the labour market, or an alleged lack of collaboration between the academic and business worlds. Alarming words heard from some participants in the discussion, who claim that universities “educate the unemployed”, can be quite worrying and disturbing. Whether these opinions have anything to do with reality or not, it is a good moment to think even more carefully about your educational path. Universities, similarly to any other company or institution, can be better or worse. The popularity of AGH UST, measured by year-to-year increasing interest among potential students indicates that while choosing one of the leading universities in Poland – the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow – secondary school leavers are aware of great opportunities for an interesting and successful professional career. The cooperation of AGH UST with its surroundings (in the broad sense of the term) is perceived at a similarly-high level, both in the sphere of science and research, and in the social and cultural domains. The number of 300 companies and institutions collaborating with the university says it all.


AGH UST is one of the best technical universities in Central Europe. What is the current “condition” of AGH UST? Let us look at a few facts: 38,000 students, 4,000 employees, over 600 well-equipped laboratories, several dozen modern buildings located within the area of one campus, 54 fields of study and 200 specializations, over 9,000 beds for students at the AGH UST campus, numerous clubs, sports fifi elds, nearly one hundred special interest groups, near 90% graduates who find employment within three months after leaving university... Let us complement the list by thousands of research tasks conducted every year – they are either part of international research projects, or commissioned by industry. We could enumerate the successes and achievements of our university for a long time, but a better idea is to find out about them in person while visiting us during an Open Day, or entering into collaboration with our scientists and researchers.


Combining rich traditions, a high level of education, modern ways of managing the university, the legendary atmosphere of studying, as well as excellent collaboration with business and industry places our university among the leaders of schools of higher education in Poland. It is also clearly indicated by various rankings, in which the university has been at the forefront for many years. I am sure that our educational and research offer - diverse and adjusted to the contemporary needs of the market - will be interesting for everyone.


Professor Tadeusz Słomka
Rector of the AGH University
of Science and Technology